Here I will not bore you with all of the finer details, but I will give a quick run down, as most of my blogs will define who I am through YOUR eyes.  For an example, my first blog on here “Life Thus Far” gives you some insight of who I am; otherwise, read on and welcome to my ride.

So as my “Header” states, this is my adventure.  Just some quick basic info on me, I was born and raised in Southern Indiana, Evansville to be exact.  While most people around here think Evansville is small-time and boring, everything is what you make it.  I enjoy my life the best I can and move on from there.  I was born to two amazing parents, who are no longer married but spend time together often.  I also have an older brother, who is married with six children of his own now.  As for myself, I am a single father, just living the dream.

I was married for a few years to a great woman, we just butted heads a lot, were basically toxic together, and in all honesty, we were better off apart.  With that said, we co-parent our two children and make the best with the hands we were dealt.  I bend over backwards to do everything I can for my children, it makes my heart happy knowing that they are happy and well taken care of.

My early 20’s were consumed with copious amounts of alcohol and partying; having a child was by far the best thing to ever happen to me.  It honestly probably saved my life.  In the long run, getting divorced was probably the second best thing to happen to me.  Not a stab at my ex-wife by any means, not by a long shot, but it opened my eyes.  The divorce caused me to become a stronger person, made me the man I am today, and forced me to take care of my children in my home without the help of her being there.  It has made me the best version of myself, and a better parent than I thought I could have ever been.  Alone time is definitely harder to come by, but who needs alone time when they can have a toddler picking your nose while you’re watching Paw Patrol?