Just thought I would share with you guys a handful of quotes and Single Dad memes I found on the internet over the last few weeks.  Most of them hit home with me, or at least have some sentimental meaning…at the very least they give me a good chuckle.  Enjoy!

childs heart

By far my favorite, and really hits home.

be lucky

Luckily, I have not met a woman this stupid…yet.

best dad

That’s all I can hope for, being the best I can be.

brace yourselves

Because GoT is amazing, and being a SD is too.


Think of me as a mix of Green Arrow & Captain America.


Thankfully my daughter can do her own hair…sort of.

dating dad

Exactly!  My son is more important than any woman…don’t tell his sister. 😛


It’s a struggle everyday, but she’s at that age.


All too true, we aren’t that boring.  We lead very busy lives.


Perfectly said.

father and son

Well, and daughter.  But very true.

father to dad

I say this all the time.

Fave sayings

I feel like I’ve said too many of these.


Those damn kids, and they know it too!

full heart

Be still my heart.


Oh the conversations I have with these kids, actually gets pretty deep, it’s fun.

hero daddy



That’s all I want, to be that role model they look up to.


The most important thing to remember.

keep calm

Minus the crack.


I like to thank my dad for showing me how to be a dad, not by teaching me…but by being who he is.


It’s a struggle daily, but this is so true.


Poor poor Tucker…

mothers day

We’re in the same boat Single Moms, stop getting mad.

real men

Kudos accepted.


Exactly what I need right now.


I must be drop-dead then. 😛

small boys

Tucker is going to be the biggest man ever then!

stoner mom

And grow up I did, immensely.


I used to dream about becoming a superhero, I’m living my dreams now.

this tall

That’s exactly how I would look!


Tons of bedroom action for me!

your loss

Well, over my boy and girl. They’re my heart.


This last one: Single Dad Laughing.  I joined his website a few months back, looking for a source to just make myself feel better about being a single dad.  I now read his blog daily, and am a part of his Facebook page where I get some pretty funny things to read and think about.  All in all, he was my small inspiration to push me back into writing.  This one’s for you SDL.

sdl     Check out Single Dad Laughing here!