If you’re reading this, chances are you actually know me and have seen this posted on my Facebook, or you are just an avid blogger looking through the site.  Regardless, I’ll share a little background on myself.

Born and raised in Southern Indiana.  Still here and happy to call this place home.  By no means have I led a rough life, I have enjoyed myself and made plenty of choices that I have learned from (as I feel you never make mistakes, just poor choices).  I used to write often, especially throughout middle school and high school, began college and was going for a major in English and a minor in Journalism. That lasted all of three months as I got into an argument with my English professor in class.  Apparently, the Oxford comma is not a big deal to him.   I digress.


Long story short, I stopped writing and moved on to partying after my short stint in college.  Bounced away from job to job, and woman to woman;  I held a few long standing relationships in my early 20’s, maybe a month or two at the most.  I ended up landing a job at Home Depot, and stayed there for the better part of 10 years before I moved on to a 5 year commitment to Lowe’s.  Since then I moved on to a much more smaller, private company, where I make more money, less hours, less stress, and more time off.  A much better move for my life situation.  With that said, the later half of my mid-20’s, I met an old friend that I ended up marrying.  She already had a daughter, whose father had no part of her life until she months before she had met me; which goes on to say I’m just as much her dad as her actual father is.  A dad raises their children, a father gives them life but not A LIFE.  My wife and I had a very good relationship, but we had our faults.  Days before our wedding, we found out that she was pregnant, we ended up announcing via Facebook and at our wedding.

Months later, she was bed-ridden in the hospital for just over three months.  There were complications in the pregnancy, Placental Abruption among others.  My little man was given only half of the womb to grow in.  During the length of her stay, there were a few scares where the doctor’s thought we might end up losing both of them, which was the fear from the beginning.  She had less than 1% chance of being able to get pregnant in the first place, and actually got the birth control shot (turns out after she was already pregnant).  With all of the issues, they ended up having to do a C-section to save both my wife and my son’s lives.  Then Tucker Max was brought into our lives.

Present day, Tuck is 2 years and 4 months old, almost to the day, and a complete joy to be around.  The wife and I have since split up, back in November to be exact.  I still raise “our daughter”, as she is just as much my child as anyone else’s.  I raise both kids in the home that we had bought together for our family, and she has moved on to something that is better for her.  We get along great now, better than we ever have honestly.  She has a new boyfriend, who is a pretty good guy, whether I give him the benefit of doubt or not.  I’m coming around slowly, and trying to be a better person and move on from having harsh feelings toward him, as it was not his fault any of this happened.

For the most part, life is nonstop at this point; working Monday to Friday 7:30-4:30, then home to feed and raise two kids, a dog, a frog, and two crabs, all before bed time and taking a few minutes to myself.  Between the two kids themselves, life is go, go, go.  I’m gradually pushing myself back into the whole dating scene, I feel like I may be ready, but then again.  The thing I have to consider, as a single father, is not my own heart, but my kids.  How much do I want to put them through?  Do I really want to put their hearts out there and risk hurting them if something doesn’t work out?  Children are so impressionable, and I cannot bring myself to bringing someone in their lives that they could potential love and enjoy being around, just for it to not work and take that person out of their lives.  Then repeat.

Nobody ever said the life of a single parent was easy, and let me tell you, it’s not.  Life is definitely an adventure, welcome to mine.